Incense: Precious Dragon's Blood, Frankincense & Myrrh, Sandalwood or White Sage

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Dragon's Blood
Frankincense and Myrrh
White Sage
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Dragon's Blood Incense
A unique incense type, Dragon’s Blood is collected from the resin of a number of distinct plants. This red resin is then used in a number of items such as medicine, varnish, dye, and incense. The incense that is produced from Dragon’s Blood is typically formed into a small cone shape or into a stick and will have a coloration that ranges from dark red to a lighter blood red.

Dragon’s Blood incense carries a soft, sweet scent that is similar to amber, but less sticky sweet and more natural. It is a rich scent but is usually not incredibly heavy or heady and tends to bring a calming or relaxing atmosphere to a room. You can light Dragon’s Blood incense if you want to relax your mind, calm any anxieties, or encourage a particularly spiritual meditation session.

Another unique property of Dragon’s Blood incense is the role it plays in many folk magic, Wiccan, and other spiritual rituals. This incense has long been associated with the healing of digestive problems and wounds. It can be used alone in spiritual practices or combined with other incenses and items to boost the protection or spiritual energies of a particular ritual.

Frankincense and Myrrh Incense
Dipped in high-quality oils, these incense sticks are long-burning and will fill any area with the sweet, woodsy, licorice aroma of frankincense and myrrh. They can be burned throughout your home to create a soothing, comforting atmosphere or used as part of an at-home spa day to provide a relaxing, mood-improving moment.

Frankincense oil has a reputation for relieving anxiety and stress and stimulating the immune system. When inhaled, the aroma can relieve congestion and help to treat nasal conditions. Myrrh may also help to treat colds, coughs, and lung congestion, and has impressive antioxidant properties which allow it boosts the immune system.

These exotic oils blended together into incense sticks provide you with the most benefits for your body and mind and will allow you to breathe easily, fully relax, and improve your body’s condition.

Sandalwood Incense
Sandalwood has a noticeable pleasant odour that many people will easily recognize. This incense will smell woody, but also slightly creamy and rich. You may also pick up floral notes and sweet undertones. Traditionally, Sandalwood is used in Eastern cultures and religious ceremonies, particularly those in Hinduism. Burning Sandalwood incense in your home or business can bring a number of benefits.

The scent of Sandalwood has been shown to relieve anxiety. This means that you can burn the incense to create a calming atmosphere. It can also improve sleep quality and aid you in falling asleep, so you may want to burn Sandalwood incense at night before going to bed.

Additionally, the aroma of Sandalwood can help to lower blood pressure and protect you against conditions related to stress. It may also increase the production of keratin in your skin, allowing wounds to heal faster and you to have a more relaxed outlook on a daily basis.

White Sage Incense
A traditionally sacred plant, the leaves of the white sage plant are used to create White Sage incense. White sage is most often used in Native American cultures as part of cleansing and protective rituals; the spiritual powers of White Sage are an important part of any smudging (another term for burning sage) ritual or ceremony.

The aroma of White Sage incense is herbaceous and powerful, but not completely overwhelming. It can be bright and almost cleansing and blends well with a number of other scents, especially florals or other types of sage. It is important to note that the scent of White Sage incense can quickly fill up a room thanks to its heady, woodsy aroma.

The most common use of White Sage incense is to cleanse a room or other area; this aroma is well-known for its properties in clearing negative energy, protecting areas, and cleansing specific items. It may encourage spiritual intuition, making it a good addition to meditation or other spiritual ceremonies, and is also very useful in promoting relaxation, mental clarity, and restful sleep.