TALK: Happy and Healthy Between The Sheets

07/04/2023 7:00 pm
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WHAT: Happy and Healthy Between The Sheets
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How to keep toxins out of the bedroom
with effective contraception
and funky toys that won't ruin your fun.

What has Anarres got to do with Sexual Health?

We hear and talk about toxins in our foods and body care products.
When it comes to our sexual play, we don't hear or talk about non toxic alternatives.
Anarres Natural Health has teamed up with Toy Time with Tynan to bring non-toxic living into your bedroom!

Toxins in the Bedroom?!?

Lubes that give you yeast infections?
Lotions that grow breast cancer tumours?
Sensual massage oils made from petroleum "oil", "colours" and "fragrances"?
Toys that leach hormone disrupting chemicals?

In 2006, Greenpeace Netherlands commissioned a study, which found seven out of eight vibrators and dildos tested contained pthalates in concentrations varying from 24 to 51 percent... the experts from this study indicate that vaginal or rectal exposure to these chemicals can harm hormone production and damage reproduction. They also indicated that sex toys made from these materials might lead to cancer.
~ Hitched columnist and sexologist Dr. Brian Parker in Let's Talk Pthalates

What are the healthy options for ourselves and our planet?!?

Safe is Sexy!
Find out how!

The speakers: Anarres Natural Health and Toy Time with Tynan

Tracey TieF of Anarres Natural Health
Tracey TieF is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner in Toronto and owner of pioneering natural contraception options in North America for 15 years now.

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