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Hypnotherapy for Healing

Hypnotism is a state of attentive, receptive relaxation

in which we speak to our vast subconscious mind

without the interfering chatter of the conscious mind.

You design the session with me, build powerful suggestions,

remain conscious throughout the session and

learn to reinforce changes with exercises to do in daily life.

What is it worth to you to lose your cravings, give up unwanted habits with ease, improve your nutrition and build the body you want, overcome fears and barriers of every sort?

Try one session ~ with a 30 minute consultation for FREE ~ and experience the effects unfold over the coming month, or book a 3, 6 or ten session change program at progressive discounts.

Hypnotherapy is offered at a sliding scale of $100 to $200 per hour. Please enter the amount you are comfortable with based on your ability to pay.

Please specify if you appointment is for:
Try one session ~ with a 30 minute consultation for FREE
Your payment will be fully refunded if either of us decide not to proceed after 30 minutes
1.5 hour first session with Suggestion Development
1 hour follow up session
30 minute induction and suggestion session

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