Hypnotherapy: Healing & Change Packages

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Hypnotherapy for Healing

What is it worth to you to lose your cravings, give up unwanted habits with ease, improve your nutrition and build the body you want, overcome fears and barriers of every sort?

Hypnotism is a state of attentive, receptive relaxation

in which we speak to our vast subconscious mind

without the interfering chatter of the conscious mind.

You design the session with me, build powerful suggestions,

remain conscious throughout the session and

learn to reinforce changes with exercises to do in daily life.

Book a 3, 6 or ten session change program at progressive discounts.

Here's what I offer:
~ I'll send you a confidential Hypnotherapy Information and Assessment tool when we book our initial appointment.
~ We'll review the Assessment, discuss your needs and goals, then design a session together.
~ We'll create 8 to 12 powerful affirmations together that address your very specific needs and goals.
~ We'll do the session, using the affirmations as post-hypnotic suggestions, plus I will teach you self hypnosis while you are in hypnosis!
~ You'll emerge from hypnosis refreshed and relaxed.
~ We'll talk through our observations and your experience of the session.
~ I'll then propose to you a package of customized hypnotherapy sessions, explicitly designed to help you make the permanent, healthy changes you've decided to make.

First Sessions are 1.5 hours in clinic.
Follow up sessions are 1 hour in clinic.
Refresher sessions are 30 or 45 minutes.

Packages of 3 sessions are offered for $400.
Packages of 6 sessions are offered for $600.
Packages of 10 sessions are offered for $800.
Package prices include coaching by phone and email, the initial 1.5 hour session, ongoing "suggestion" development and 21 day instruction in self hypnosis.

I will be in touch with you to book your appointment once I receive your order. Contact me about payment plans.