Mamalicious Baby Balm receives rave reviews

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Mamalicious Baby Balm
$4 for 5 ml , $12.50 for 30 ml, $24 for 60 ml

Mamalicious Baby Balm
This all-in-one healing ointment prevents and soothes diaper rashes, boo boos, eczema and psoriasis. Ingredients: almond oil, calendula* & arnica* infused in olive oil*, beeswax, St John's wort oil, shea butter **, vitamin E, essential oils of Roman chamomile*, lavender* and myrrh. Certified **Fair Trade *Organically Grown


I tried it on my burn first, then on my son. It works and smells great! I put it on my son who was starting to get a diaper rash before he went to bed and it wasn't red anymore when he woke up this morning. A more creamy texture would make it easier to apply, but even now I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Posted By: Sophie | Posted On: 05.07.08

I loved this product! My son has extremely sensitive skin, so I am very careful about what I put on him. I also tested it on myself first (a slight rash on my face) & the rash was gone in the morning. The following day I used it on my son (for prevention purposes). We've been using it at every diaper change for the past week & no rashes! The best part is, you don't need to use a lot. A little goes a long way. I also really appreciate Tracey's commitment to the environment. Not only is the product all natural & healthy - her refill program is a very smart idea. When you're finished with the container you can send it back to be refilled for a lesser price. I highly recommend this product for anyone who prefers natural & socially conscious products, that won't cost you a fortune!
Posted By: Nicole | Posted On: 07.07.08