Colour: Green Liquid Natural Mulberry, 10mL or 30mL bottle

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Colour: Green Liquid Natural Mulberry
Colour: Green

Mulberry leaves from India

Green Colour is extracted from Mulberry Leaves. It is a dark green oily liquid with a mild herbaceous scent intended for use in oils, creams and soaps. This color contains about 5% Copper Chlorophyllin which is derived from plant chlorophyll and is the natural coloring agent.

Natural Green contains no Coal Tar Dyes or any extraneous colouring matter. It is recommended to store Green colour in a cool place with a temperature not exceeding 14 C. Natural dyes should be shaken well before use, and the cap replaced tightly after use.

Type: Liquid

Uses: Oils, Creams, Soaps

Solubility: Soluble in oil

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