Calamus Root (Sweet Flag) Essential Oil

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Calamus (Sweet Flag) Essential Oil

Acorus calamus root, steam distilled from the root, from Slovenija.

Aroma: Calamus Root has a refreshing scent of cinnamon, but lighter and giving the impression of fresh baked goods hot out of the oven.

History: Calamus Root is also known as Sweet Flag, the root was also well-known in Biblical times and mentioned in Exodus 30: 22-25 as one of the ingredients of the 'holy anointing oil'. This herb has traditionally been smoked, eaten, or brewed into a tea, decoction, extract, tincture and syrup. According to Ayurvedic tradition, Vacha is a 'sattvic' herb, which feeds and transmutes the sexual 'kundalini' energy. Calamus has been called called 'the closest thing to a sex stimulant that nature has to offer. Acorus calamus root was also used by the ancient Greeks and included in the traditional remedies of many other European cultures.

Colour: Yellowish brown

Common Uses: It is a stimulating nervine antispasmodic, and a general tonic to the mind. As a rejuvenative for the brain and nervous system, it is used to promote cerebral circulation, to stimulate self-expression, and to help manage a wide range of symptoms in the head, including neuralgia, epilepsy, memory loss and shock. It is used in the Phillipines for rheumatism and memory problems. In Korea, it is an ingredient in a type of moonshine called Immortals' Booze. Research in China has shown the essential oil in this rhizome to be sedating and neuro-protectant.

Consistency: Light

Note: Base

Strength of Aroma: Medium

Cautions: Caution is advised on the use of this essential oil, since large doses can cause mild hallucinations. The essential oil in the roots of this plant contains the compound asarone. This has tranquillizing and antibiotic activity, but is also potentially toxic. Use well diluted and avoid during pregnancy.