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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Forget the drugmart and do-it-yourself

Tracey TieF is a Natural Health Practitioner, who hosts hands-on workshops from her Toronto home to people seeking alternative methods to health and cosmetic products.

Small jars and vials of natural herbs and oils sit in her small living room, where she instructs clients on making their own natural cosmetic products, such as
fragrances, skin lotions and shampoos.

She said she always had an interest in the natural means of treating
the body.

“When I was four for instance my sister was suffering from asthma so I made her a ginger drink and as it turns out ginger is a helpful decongestant,” TieF said.

Prior to launching her wholistic health practice, Annares Natural Health in 2007 TieF worked with the homeless for 19 years and said she saw a link between
the two.

“I’ve always been an activist so there is a deep connection for me between social justice and traditional ways of interacting with the environment and healing
people,” she explains.

TieF uses essential oils on cosmetic products she makes and abstains from using preservatives. Clients sign up for her workshops for various reasons. Some are
looking for different options, and others are interested in the actual process of making body care products.

Fleur McGregor visited a workshop to make a skin lotion for her baby.

“I had a desire to have (the skin lotion) be completely natural and under my control,” McGregor said. “It also sounded like fun to be able to find out how to
make it.”