Perfume Oil: Frankincense Bath & Body

Price: $14.00
Perfume Oil: Frankincense Bath & Body

Use this luxurious oil
as a beauty #serum,
or as a #massage
and body oil.

Frankincense treats damaged and dry skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, scars, and stretch marks. With regular use, frankincense helps remove scar tissue, relieve pain and inflammation and restore damaged nerves.

50mL in a clear glass bottle with treatment pump

Springtime inevitably brings talk of #detoxing and #cleansing that can veer into body denial and even hating. And while salad days are great for your body emerging from winter, our #ancient #ancestors had other ways of #refreshing the #body.

#Frankincense has been valued for millennia for preparing the body, #mind and #spirit for #prayer and #meditation. In our own day, we see that smelling frankincense increases the connection between the left and right #brain, allowing us to think more #intuitively, with our whole #minds. And when applied to the skin in jojoba oil - an exquisite, #hypoallergenic liquid #wax - frankincense elevates the spirit and #rejuvenates the skin!

Ingredients: jojoba oil Simmondsia chinensis Indian frankincense resin Boswellia serrata.
* Certified Organically Grown


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