Aromatherapy Certification Program

Price: $60.00
Aromatherapy Certification Program

This apprenticeship-styled, minimum 60-hour Aromatherapy Certification Program qualifies you to join The Preventative Health Services Group and obtain insurance to practice and make products as an aromatherapist anywhere in Canada.

APPRENTICES Work Exchange with Anarres Natural Health a minimum of 4 hours per week for a minimum of 1 year, plus 2 hours per month of Community Outreach until they have completed the program (Graduation Presentation). Apprentices pay for no instruction hours, but pay $10 Application Fee and a $60 Academic Administration Fee, and must purchase 6 books. For more information and to apply, please red this page thoroughly

REFUNDS: The $10 Application Fee is refundable only if we reject your application. No fees (Application, Academic or Tuition) are ever otherwise refundable.

DURATION: One-year minimum, no time limit.

LOCATION: All Workshops and Practicum take place in Toronto at Anarres Apothecary, 1076 Bloor St W M6H 1M6. Projects can be done by correspondence but must be presented at Anarres.

The Program consists of
~ Required Workshops
~ Elective Workshops
~ Independent Projects
~ Practicum

TOTAL Instruction Hours: 40

REQUIRED WORKSHOPS: Instruction Hours = 32

Joy of Scent
Individual Prescription Hours: 2
Custom Perfume Hours: 2
Incenses Hours: 2
Practical Aromatherapy for The Spirit Hours: 2

Sun & Bug Protection
Sun Sensitizing & Protecting Ingredients Hours: 2
Bug Repellants & Safety Hours: 2
Blending: 2

Lotions & Creams I, II
Basic Hours: 6
Advanced Hours: 6

Mother & Baby Care
Balms, Lotions, Creams Hours: 6
includes Childbearing Year Safety

ELECTIVE WORKSHOPS Instruction Hours = 8

SENIOR LEVEL: COST @$500 TOTAL Instruction Hours = 20

INDEPENDENT PROJECTS: Instruction Hours = 10

Materia Medica 12 Essential Oils Hours: 5
3 carrier oils
3 enriching oils

Article or Presentation Information & Demonstration Hours: 5

PRACTICUM SKILLS Instruction Hours: 10

ethical sourcing, inventorying & ordering

bottling, labelling, retailing essential oils

General & customized blending

(For Apprentices the above topics will be reviewed in a 2-hour meeting.)

In all areas, certification requires a grasp of the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. In other words, participation in a workshop does not guarantee that you qualify for the certification hours. Products and work completed from the workshop will be required to be presented.

The cost of the Program is based on how you choose to pay for the hours.

1. There is a $60 Academic Record Fee, refundable only if I decide not to enroll you in the program. If you pay the $1500 tuition fee in one payment, the $60 Academic Record Fee is waived (or credited if prepaid).

2. PREPAY WITH WORKSHOPPER CARDS If you purchase three Workshopper Cards, the cost of the program is the lowest.

PAY AS YOU GO If you pay for the workshops individually, your cost will be as high as $2250. Individual workshop discounts apply for Advance and Bring-A-Friend registrations.

Taxes apply to all fees.

WORK EXCHANGE If you are accepted for Work Exchange, you will pay for your program in hours worked for Anarres Natural Health. You will contribute two hours of work per Workshop or Program Hour until you demonstrate proficiency and reliability, generally after a few shifts. Your Aromatherapy Certification will reflect the number of hours you worked.

There are a limited number of spaces available for Work Exchange. You must be able to commit to a weekly schedule of a minimum of 4 hours per week, be reliable and punctual. Please meet with me in person to negotiate Work Exchange. You may be placed on a waiting list.

Work Exchange provides additional learning, but its primary purpose is to support Anarres Apothecary, and so involves unexciting tasks such as cleaning along with learning experiences. Your work must be efficient and at the level of paid employment. I reserve the right to terminate Work Exchange at any time, with credit for any hours worked up to termination.

Work Exchange and WWOOFer Students must still pay the $60 Academic Record Fee if they want to obtain Aromatherapy Certification.

Please pay your Aromatherapy Certification Academic Record Fee as soon as possible. It is non-refundable and compensates us for maintaining the records of your workshops, activities, studies and certifications. The fee must be paid before you attend your first workshop as an Aromatherapy Certification Student or Apprentice.

The Aromatherapy Certification Program consists of required workshops, elective workshops, independent projects and a practicum that includes an ethical sourcing and Product making assignment. Your Apprentice shifts are part of your Work Exchange with Anarres. You understand that you must complete 4 hours per week of in store shifts up to the date of your Talk & Graduation.

Community Workshops & Events: 2 hours/mo of Apprenticeship
In addition to your 4 hours a week in store, you must assist at community workshops and events 2 hours per month (min 24 hours/yr). Repeating events include workshops at Karma Food Co op 2nd Tues/mo 7-8:30pm, Personal Care Skillshare 3rd Thu/month 7-9pm and annual festivals such as BIG on Bloor, MakerFest, Bloorcourt Arts & Crafts Fair, Heartwood Gathering. There are also holiday fairs, conferences and special events. Sign up in the Workshop Binder and keep a record in your binder. You must have completed and recorded 2 hours per month or part month of your Apprenticeship, excluding any leave of absence, up to the date of your talk in order to graduate from your Apprenticeship. You understand that Community Hours are part of your Work Exchange with Anarres up to the date of your Talk & Graduation.

Required Reading:
Please acquire the following foundational reference books as soon as possible to help you in your work on the store, in your independent projects and assignments and as a practising professional aromatherapist. Please acquire them in the following order if you cannot buy them at once. You receive a 20% discount at the Apothecary.

The Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making... by Jan Benham
The Baby Boomer’s Beauty Bible by Jan Benham
Essential Oils in Colour by Rosemary Caddy
The Essential Blending Oil by Rosemary Caddy
Emotional Healing w Essential Oils by Daniel MacDonald
Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit by Gabriel Mojay