Chamomile Whole Flowers, sold by the gram DISCONTINUED

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Chamomile Flowers, sold by the gram

Anthemis nobilis dried whole flowers, commercially harvested in Egypt.

Sold by the gram, $0.0966/g. Please bring or order a bag.

Please order a minimum of 100g and buy a bag or tell us in the Comments with your order that you want us to pack your order in a repurposed bag.

Chamomile Flowers Whole, Anthemis nobilis Common or Roman Chamomile, first known as Anthemis nobilis and now called Chamaemelum nobile, is a cultivated perennial growing up to 9 inches in height. Historically used as a ground cover on walkways, stepping on the plant helps propagate it. Used to treat many minor illnesses and reduce fevers. The tincture is used to treat diarrhea in children. Chamomile’s effectiveness against infection is reported to be 120 times more powerful than saltwater. Externally used to reduce swelling and inflammatory discomfort, congested neuralgia, or facial swelling caused by abscesses. Sedative calms nerves, prevents nightmares, stimulates appetite and digestion, eases gout and headache, diuretic.

Storage: Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.
Appearance: Mildly scented flowers.
Cosmetic: Chamomile is a popular botanical in natural products for skin and hair, including soaps, lotions, creams and shampoos. A rinse of strong tea adds highlights to blonde hair.

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