Dilator: Rigid, Set of 4 with Vibratable Wand and Silicone Sleeve, Dr. Berman

Price: $38.00
Dilator: Silicone sleeve, Dr. Berman, Set of 4 with sleeve + wand
Dilator: Silicone sleeve, Dr. Berman, Set of 4 box frontDilator: Silicone sleeve, Dr. Berman, Set of 4 with vibratable wandDilator: Silicone sleeve, Dr. Berman, Set of 4 box backDilator: Silicone sleeve, Dr. Berman, Set of 4 sizes

Vibrates, pulsates, escalates
3 interlocking dilators
Includes soft silicone sleeve
Discreetly shipped
Stengthens pelvic muscles
Makes pleasure possible again

* Vibrating, multi-speed dilator handle
* 3 interlocking, graduated stacked dilator sleeves for custom girth selection
* Soft universal sleeve ABS (dilator and graduated sleeves)
* TPR (universal sleeve)

The Dilator Set from the Berman Center line is a thoughtfully designed tool meant to help train and exercise the vaginal walls and muscles to help ease discomfort and increase pleasure during sex and penetration.

4 sizes of sleeve interlock over a standard, 3 1/4 inch dilator so you can start off that the smallest, and work your way up at your own pace. Simply stack the next size overtop of the one before it and twist to lock it in securely. An included soft, textured silicone sleeve adds pleasurable stimulation when you 're ready, it slips overtop of the last two sizes of dilator. To take the 'clinical' feel away from using a dilator, this one can vibrate at multiple speeds, which lets you focus on pleasure as well as training, and also helps to relax you and increase blood flow and lubrication.

The slick, smooth body friendly plastic material is hygienic and firm for perfect control, it's also waterproof so you can safely use this tool in the tub or shower. You can use any type of lubrication you like with the Dilator set, but only a water-based formula should be used with the silicone sleeve. Takes 2 AA batteries (sold separately).

Made in the USA CalExotics, formerly known as California Exotic Novelties, is the world's leading and premier manufacturer of adult pleasure products and based in the United States. Since 1994, the female-led company has been at the forefront of research and development of products to enhance the intimate experiences of women, men and couples.

Laura Berman, LCSW, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of psychiatry and obstetrics/gynecology at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. She has been working as a sex educator and therapist for 20 years and is considered a leader in her field. Her latest book, Real Sex for Real Women is an international Best Seller.


As someone dealing with vaginismus, I should have bought this so much sooner. I've made so much more progress with this set than without it.


As a patient going through pelvic physical therapy I was a bit confused when my physical therapist recommended these to me. But she is right. They have been awesome at working my pelvic floor tightness. If using these for medical purposes there is a good chance you will never need the 2 larger sizes. And the rubber sheath is nice if you want to turn it into a more fun time object after your treatment.

I would highly recommend this product. It was recommended to me by my pelvic floor physiotherapist. It works really well and I have had improvement right away.
by H.W.


I got this set because sex was painful, specifically penetration. The first day I worked through all 4 levels, leaving each inserted for 5-10 min. The next day, I started with the 3rd, left that in for 10 min, then moved onto the 4th for 10 min. (I had tried starting with the 4th, but it was painful to insert. I moved back to the 3rd, then inserting the 4th was pain-free.) Before finishing, I made small circles with the handle. On the third day, before sex, I again used the 3rd (but only for about 2 minutes) then the 4th. When we started sex, I had pain-free penetration for the first time ever! My goal is to be able to not have to use this right before sex, but until I work up to this point, it's totally worth doing it to be able to not only not have pain but to truly enjoy sex. Highly recommend!

As a note, I didn't try the vibrating function or the rubber sleeve. The nesting feature is nice in that, if you're moving up levels, you don't have to find someplace to set down the used one - it just nests inside. It does, though, make it slightly harder to clean up, though not too bad. Again, I consider it worth it.

The dilators are really life changing! All women that have pain during intercourse should use it. After some time doing the training daily I just use it right before having intercourse and it is enough!! The vagina relaxes and you can enjoy sex as it should be ;-) by MDF

Writing this through my husband's account.
For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with penetration of ANY sort - so I had a hymenectomy and that still didn't completely do the trick. While that made it easier to insert small dilators, bigger things were still extremely painful, so I bought these in the hopes that it would help and it DID. I've used these while I watched TV (it helps distract from any initial discomfort) and worked my way up to the largest one, which although painful at first, doesn't bother me much anymore. (To give you context, before my hymenectomy the pressure from trying to insert a Q-tip made me yelp in pain.)
The key with these is consistency - use these continually so it's not very painful every time you use them, and go really slowly with them. At different stages, they all were pretty uncomfortable at first but with time they're very doable. The shape of these is also really nice because they have a curve. I've tried using ones that had much more blunt tips (kind of shaped like the tip of a marker) and I feel that these ones are a lot better at easing you into it.
The vibration setting personally didn't do much for me, but it definitely works and is useful. It can help when you're first moving up to the next sizes because it has a sort-of numbing effect.
Very easy to clean, waterproof - these dilators rock and I'm super glad I got them. These allowed me to FINALLY have painless sex with my husband (and hopefully, after a while, I won't even need them anymore). These gave me my comfort and confidence back. So worth the money.

(Wife of) Trevor


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