DIY Personal Care 2-hr Workshops for Community Groups

Price: $0.00
DIY Personal Care 2-hr Workshops

Be Naturally Healthy, Save Money, Have Fun, Reduce Waste, Be Green!

Tuesdays or Fridays 7-9 PM:

Length: 2hrs. Workshops use simple, natural, healthy vegan ingredients.


 Moisturizing Cream

 Essential Oil Blends for Mood

 Hand Sanitizer

 Shaving Lotion & After Shave / Cologne

 Facial Cleansers & Toners

 Bug Spray & Bug Bite Relief

 Sunscreen

 Balancing Hormone Basics

Learn how common everyday foods, drinks, contraception and even adult products can disrupt your hormones, leading to a host of problems including depression, asthma, foggy thinking, reproductive and sexual health problems and even poor digestion! Learn how to avoid hormone disrupting chemicals and check out some alternatives. We'll make a pump bottle of healthy personal lubricant and moisturizer to take home. ALL genders are welcome.

*Elsewhere, these workshops’ regular cost is $60-$80 each, per person!

Tracey, the facilitator, is a natural health, waste reduction, & social justice advocate. She is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner & owner of Anarres Apothecary

Self Spa: Face Masks, Bath Salts, Body Scrubs

Enjoy this Self Spa workshop making:
* Bodaceous Body Scrubs
* Scrumptious Bath Salts
* Fabulous Face Masks

Learn about hydrotherapy, and the therapeutic properties of clays, salts, carrier and essential oils.

Go home with three custom made all natural packaged products.


Cleaning Products: All Purpose Spray, Creamy Soft Scrub, Laundry Soap & Dryer Sheets

This Do-It-Yourself Green Cleaning Workshop is a fun and easy way to learn about chemicals in cleaning products and the illnesses these can cause, and make products that are safe to use, and inexpensive! As a participant, you'll go home with your very own set of easy-to-make cleaning products (plus recipes) that have been tested for effectiveness and are good for your health and the environment!

Soaps: Bar Soaps, Liquid Soaps, Soap nuts & Shampoos

We'll explore a range of soaps and the various ways they are made, from soap nuts, to African Black Soaps, to castille soap. We'll look at the harm that liquid detergents such as sodium lauryl sulphates cause our skin and our planet. As a participant, you'll create your own anti bacterial essential oil scented hand soap, plus custom shampoo, packaged in a reusable metal pump bottle.


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