Jar: Aluminum Screw Top 5mL, 15mL, 30mL, 60mL, 150mL, 250mL

Price: $2.00
Jar: Aluminum Screw Top

#Aluminum is the safest storage material for most body care products including essential oils (not lemongrass, for instance!) These #screw-top aluminum #canisters are available in five different sizes and possess a continuously #threaded soft line with fitted liners for a tight seal. Covers and bodies are either curled or hemmed to provide a safe edge and a high-quality finished look. These canisters can be used for storing extracts, potpourris, candles and even lip and body balms. They are infinitely #reusable and 100% #recyclable.

15mL aka 1/2 ounce
30mL aka 1 ounce
60mL aka 2 ounce
150mL aka 6 ounce
250mL aka 8 ounce

Size (ml) Height (cm) Diameter (cm)
15 1.75 4.00
60 2.70 6.80
150 4.00 8.00
250 4.25 10.00

150ml canisters are normally in stock.

Please specify which size you want in the comments with your order.