Judaica: Tallit Clip, Leopard Silver Colour

Price: $10.00
Judaica: Tallit Clip, Leopard Silver Colour
Judaica: Tallit Clasp, Leopard Silver Colour clips

Great for securing your tallit on your shoulders.
Perfect for shawls, cardigans, scarves and lightweight jackets too.

Colours: Antique Silver

Size: 13cm *2.2cm (total length x width)

Material: Zinc alloy

This sweater clip with antique pattern is very stylish with a vintage look.

A tallit or prayer shawl is made from a large piece of material – usually wool – it has fringes at its corners and is worn draped across the shoulders. However, the shawl is prone to slipping off – and this is why tallit clips are so popular. They allow the wearer to secure the tallit across the chest, keeping it perfectly in place.