Mask: Cloth Washable N95 with Valve, Black

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Mask: Cloth Washable N95 with Valve, Black
Mask: Cloth N95 Washable with Valve woman 1Mask: Cloth N95 Washable with Valve chartMask: Cloth N95 Washable with Valve woman 2Mask: Cloth N95 Washable with Valve insideMask: Cloth N95 Washable with Valve filterMask: Cloth N95 Washable with Valve insertMask: Cloth N95 Washable with Valve diagram

This mask comes with a charcoal filter insert.
Material: High-efficiency electrostatic filtration cotton & replaceable 5 layers filter.
Filter: with 5 layers filter
Features: reusable and washable
Type: KN95 standard filter

The "N95" label stands for the mask ability to filter out at least 95% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns (for reference, PM2.5 particles are 2.5 microns).

Corona Virus Mask -
What is the difference between face masks, N95, KN95, KF94, FFP2 respiratory face masks & face mask shields?

In summary, they are basically all the same. They stop 95% of particles >0.3 microns in size. The N95 is the USA Code, KN95 is China code, KF94 is Korea code and FFP2 is the EU code, this includes the UK.

KN95, KF95 and FFP2 face masks are N95 face mask alternatives & N95 equivalents. They are all the same.


#1 RachelIsRachel : BEST mask thus far!

I'm seriously immunocompromised, so getting a superb mask is crucial for me and my hubs. He's a big guy with a big head, a beard, sensitive ears, and wears glasses; whereas I've got a small face - yet this mask worked for both of us! Note: it didn't cover his beard completely, but it covered enough of it to be effective.

We like:
- how the ear elastics are well-made and adjustable;
- that there's a good nose wire which bends and stays well;
- that because of the valve and the nose wire, his glasses don't fog up;
- how it doesn't feel suffocating at all;
- that the seams are nice and neat, and it's all well-made;
- how it looks good;
- that there's the pocket for the refillable filtre ~ this however would be our only criticism, as there ought to be two slits instead of one for the filtre to be placed more easily ~ that being said, it's still workable and doable.

I've purchased 2 more, and I'm recommending this mask to my friends.

I've been terribly disappointed with all the fabric masks I've purchased before, i.e.: one cloth type I purchased here (no longer available), and others I've purchased from a professional corset-maker, or received from a tailor, and another from a seamstress.

It's telling that THIS mask really is the BEST fabric mask I've come across, end of story.