Oil: Buriti Fruit Oil, Unrefined

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Oil: Buriti Fruit Oil, Unrefined

Mauritia flexuosa Cold Pressed from the fruit of the moriche palm aka Ité Palm, Ita, buriti, or aguaje (Peru)

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Description: Buriti or moriche is a palm tree found growing in and near swamps throughout the Amazon basin and central Brazil. This thick log palm tree that can reach up to 30m of height (90 feet) produces a brown, easy-to-peel scaled fruit. The word "buriti" in Brazil means "Tree of Life."

Colour: Clear deep yellow-orange to reddish colour.

Aroma: Buriti Carrier Oil has a strong oily scent.

Common Uses: Unrefined Buriti Carrier Oil is extremely rich in vitamin E (tocopherols) and has one the richest natural source of pro-vitamin A available (carotenoids). The rich unsaturated fatty acids in Buriti Oil help to rebuild, moisturize and re-hydrate skin cells. It is commonly used to manufacture high-end skincare creams and, is applied directly to cuts and burns, because of its soothing qualities and its ability to promote the formation of scar tissue.

The oil restores moisture lacking in sun-exposed skin and because of its colour, it possesses a naturally occurring SPF factor. Because of this, I am experimenting with its use in natural sunscreen, sunless tanning oil and after-sun skin oil.

Anti Ageing and other benefits to the skin include:

~ Burití Oil easily penetrates the skin's layers to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

~ It is a rich and nourishing facial oil that lubricates tissues, restores elasticity, and harmonizes your skin.

~ The oil extracted from the Burití nut is the richest known source of oil in beta-carotene (higher than carrot oil). Beta-carotene and its breakdown product, vitamin A, collectively referred to as carotenoids are two of the most important antioxidants for the skin. Carotenoids protect the skin against the damaging effects of sunlight for neutralizing free radicals in the skin.

~ Buriti oil can be used to treat burns because of its soothing qualities and its ability to promote the formation of new healthy tissue.

~ As with many nuts, buriti is also an exceptional source of essential fatty acids. Buriti contains a high concentration of oleic and palmitic acids which help moisturize the skin. It has emollient properties, is a free-radical scavenger, and provides protective effects (linoleic acid).

~ The constituents of buriti oil protect fibroblast cells essential for supporting collagen and elastin product - keys for youthful, glowing skin.

Consistency: Typical and Characteristic of Carrier Oils.

Absorption: Leaves an oily feeling on the skin. May stain sheets and skin if used in massage therapy.

Cautions: None Known.