Summer Scent-sations: Scrub

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Summer Scent-sations: Scrub
Summer Scent-sations: Scrub label

Limited Edition Collection

One-of-A-Kind creamy creations crafted with exfoliants & scented oils.

A fun scrub for gardeners or gentlefolk to wash away the grime and grit of the day.

Summer Scent-sations Collection:
- Campfire Clean with activated charcoal and the smell of smoke
- Loofah Lemon Squash, a refreshing gentle scrub
- Rootbeer Scrub with chunky bentonite granules
- Gin and Tonic made with pumice and cucumber peel extract. Works great to cut grease and clean hands without drying them out.
- Cosmic Coconut with activated charcoal and mica. A wonderful galaxy scrub for the face.

Ingredients: filtered water aqua, *rose hydrosol Rosa damascena,
Exfoliating elements:
____ sodium bentonite clay granules
____ bamboo activated charcoal
____ shredded loofah Luffa Cylindrica
____ pumice stone
fractionated coconut oil Cocos nucifera, vegetable wax emulsifying wax N,
essential/flavouring oils:
____ birch tar essential oil Betula alba
____ lemon 5 fold essential oil Citrus limonum
____ rootbeer essential oil
____ juniper berry essential oil Juniperus communis
____ coconut flavoring oil
grapefruit seed extract (Citrus grandis in glycerine)
*Certified Organically Grown