Wand: Stone Set, D.1 plus D.2

Price: $221.00
Wand: Stone Set, D.1 plus D.2 4x6
Wand: Stone Set, D.1 plus D.2 D.1Wand: Stone Set, D.1 plus D.2 D.2

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Each Laid Stone Dildo nests in its own Environmentally-Friendly Packaging box

About Laid:

The Laid brand signifies edge, ease and performance. From the first time you lay your eyes on it, to the wonderful moments of discovery and thrills that follow, you will find that your Laid product delivers on all three and invites it to further play.

About the D.1 Absolute Black Granite

The Laid D.1 Stone Dildo is made of polished Blue Pearl Larvikite from Norway (also called Black Norwegian Moonstone). Its unique shape combined with the quality of the stone allows for light maneuvering, yet firm g-spot stimulation. Beyond this, the silvery, light-blue reflections on dark grey make the hand-sculpted D.1 Stone an object of true and soothing beauty.

Circumference: 115 mm / 4.6 inch.
Length: 200 mm / 8 inch. Weight: 400 g / 14 oz.
Material: Blue Pearl Larvikite
Weight: 400 Gr / 14.11 Oz
Origin: The Oslo Rift, Norway
Age: Appr. 300 Million Years
Colour: Blue-Black

This stone D1 is the same shape & size as the silicone D1 - but made from Moonstone!

This charming video shows how its asymmetric shape and comfortable grip allow for smooth maneuvering and right-on-target g-spot stimulation.

This dildo is the most unique of all my toys and I can’t imagine that is going to change any time soon. It is well designed and simply stunning addition to any collection small or large. Whether you are into healing stones or not, you can’t deny how amazing the idea of using something that was 300 million years in the making is.
~ REVIEW of LAID D.1 STONE DILDO by Grace of Princess Previews

About the D.2 Absolute Black Granite

The Laid D.2 Luxury Stone Dildo is hand sculpted and polished Absolute Black Granite. The slightly twisted smooth shaft curves gently into a broad, flattened head for a fuller feeling and firmer G-spot stimulation. Since the G-spot requires lots of pressure for many people, the weight of the stone makes D2 excellent for G-spot pleasure.

By gently twisting the shaft the head can stimulate and discover various points of pleasure from just inside the vaginal opening to further in. Both ends can be used. The handle provides a smaller alternative to deeper penetration. The handle arches nicely and combined with the angle of the shaft you can stimulate the g-spot area using this end too.

The mottled dark grey on black makes this a gorgeous choice for anyone who loves natural eco-friendly materials. If you enjoy temperature play, the stone is an excellent material to warm (in a bowl of warm water) or cool (in the freezer) for different types of sensations.

Measures | 8"l x 1.5"d
Insertable length | 7"
Weighs | 1 lb.
Length: 200 mm
Circumference: 12.5 mm
Weight: 422 g
Material: Black Granite
Origin: Shanxi, China
Age: Appr. 500 million years
Colours: Black

Reviewers call it a work of art!
Yes, the D1 and D2 stones are useful and enjoyable. But frankly, they are also a piece of art. So take your choice!