Water Purifier: Instructions, Assembly

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Water Purifier: Instructions, Assembly

Here's another installation video with a slightly different model.

PRO TIP: Hold the filter by the ceramic part near the base when scrubbing. After years of experience (and a broken filtre!), I've discovered that it doesn't matter what you scrub the filter with if it slows down significantly during its 6-month life, you just need to make sure not to push it off its grey base! Definitely scrub under RUNNING water so the gunk is not reabsorbed. When the pipes on my street are being worked on, my filters catch the metal debris, filtration slows down and I need to scrub them monthly, but normally my filtres work well for 6 months.

For instructional videos in other languages and on other topics, please visit the manufacturer's channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9s4MqvX_JPcS5wyy4_p4VQ


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