Tea: Prosperi-Tea Blend Kit , Blessed-To-Order

Price: $17.00

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Tea: Prosperi-tea Blend Kit Made-To-Order
Dandelion Prosperity PendantTea: Prosperi-Tea Blend Kit label

SELECT $24 to include the Dandelion Prosperity Pendant.
$17 - tea and herb kit

Alfalfa, with its easy and abundant nourishing growth, models productivity and drives away poverty and hunger. The tea contains alfalfa leaves.

SUGGESTION: Grow a small jar of alfalfa and greens sprouts in your kitchen to protect your home and everyone in it from financial difficulties. Of course, eat the sprouts! (An envelope is included.)

Bay Leaves: relieve financial anxieties and promote manifestation of what you wish for. Promotes good fortune, strength, success and protection.

SUGGESTION: Write what you want on a bay leaf and burn it in a fire safe dish or cauldron. And/or Place a bay leaf in your wallet to help attract money to you. (An envelope is included.)

Basil: Holy and Garden leaves help you to release unproductive habits and patterns, and to dispel confusion, fears & weakness.

SUGGESTION: Mop your floors and clean your surfaces with leftover tea and/or give yourself a tea bath.

Chamomile flowers invite you to calmly brainstorm ideas to attract what you need and want.

SUGGESTION: Sprinkle a pinch of golden chamomile under your pillow, or around your desk or workspace. (An envelope is included.)

Dandelion leaf and root deeply nourishes mind, body and spirit, bringing help from your ancestors and abundance seemingly out of nowhere. Dandelion helps motivate you to thrive in challenging circumstances.

SUGGESTION: Find a dandelion growing nearby and visit and protect it through spring, summer and fall. Gather some seeds to plant in a pot, and blow the rest to scatter the seeds while making a wish for abundance in the year to come.

OPTIONAL: A dandelion prosperity necklace to remind you to sow seeds of gratitude, to accept help from ancestors, nourishment from unexpected places, and to know that abundance is on its way.

Rosemary: brings the gift or steadfast hardiness, and protection from loss. Rosemary brings mental clarity and focus to your goals.

SUGGESTION: Keep a potted rosemary on your desk to enhance your memory and attention. Keep pruning off sprigs to use in tea, bath tea or to dry in a bundle. By constantly pruning, your rosemary will grow fuller. Take the hint, whether it means to declutter your desk, your mind, your life or your home.