Rose Floral Water

Price: $17.00

Please refer to the page below to see which amount goes with what you want. Please be sure you order what you need.

Rose Floral Water
Rose Floral Water post

$17 250mL in a clear glass bottle with silver cap
$19 250mL in a clear glass bottle with atomizer top
$30 1000mL in a natural (uncoloured) PET bottle

Rose damascene potassium sorbate < 0.5 %,
lactic acid <= 0.1 %

* Enjoy as an aromatic body spritz.
* Use as a facial toner for ageing, acneic or sensitive skins.
* Relax with this delicate, de-stressing room spray.
* Use as or in a linen spray.
* Enjoy the benefits of the essential oil inexpensively. * Create a fragrant and soothing hot bath.

* Add to your creams and lotions at 30% - 50% in the water phase

Floral Waters can be used in place of plain water, used as a deodorant, facial spritzer, for direct application to the skin, as a cooling agent, in saunas, in hair care applications, as a fragrance or for massage.

• Add to Creams and lotions

• Facial spritzer and toner, body spray

• Air freshener spray

• Deodorizer for linen, pets

Appearance: Yellow to orange liquid

Important: Please note that some floral waters may be sensitizing to some individuals. We strongly recommend that a patch test of this product be done on the skin before use.

Directions for Use: Approximately 50% of the total water phase.


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