Serum: Seborrheic Keratoses Relief

Price: $30.00
Serum: Seborrheic Keratoses Relief

Caused by a tan to black build-up of #keratin on the skin, #seborrheic #keratosis is a wart-like #skin #growth condition that can come up anywhere on the body. The SK growths are non-cancerous and mostly harmless, but their appearance can cause self-consciousness. Clothing can irritate the lesions, leading to #itching and #bleeding. #Inflammation can appear near the growths. It is more common to have multiple seborrheic keratoses.

If you suspect you have seborrheic keratosis, you should get checked out by a medial professional to rule out a more serious condition.

This formula may also help #Sebaceous #hyperplasia - a common, harmless, hyperplasia of the #sebaceous glands in the skin.

It is our immune system’s out-of-sync response that triggers the itchiness and #swelling. Other symptoms include skin barrier disruption, #dryness, and the drastic increase of oxidized lipids on the skin surface that characterize the condition. Seborrheic keratosis is associated with #fungal skin infection.

This formula addresses all of the symptoms, as well as the appearance of seborrheic keratosis itself.

Castor oil Ricinus communis softens and gradually dissolves Seborrheic Keratoses growths. Ricinoleic acid has been shown to have significant #anti-inflammatory effects when applied to the skin. Castor oil has #anti-fungal and #anti-oxidant properties.

Tea Tree essential oil Melaleuca alternifolia can work to shrivel up lesions. It's #antibacterial, #antiinflammatory, #antiviral, and #antifungal.

Oregano Origanum vulgare essential oil is widely recognized for its #antimicrobial activity, antiviral and antifungal properties. Its compounds are also potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and #cancer suppressor agents.

African Frankincense Bostwellia carterii strengthens, evens out #complexion, and adds #elasticity to the skin. It has a #rejuvenating effect, especially on #mature or #damaged skin, minimizing #wrinkles and fine lines and reducing the appearance of #scars and #blemishes.

Reviews of castor oil treatments:
Posted by Patty (Oklahoma) on 08/26/2015
I have fought these keratosis and have gotten rid of all of them once my rubbing castor oil on them once a day. It took about 6 months and one day I just noticed they were all gone. Castor oil is very oily so if you try this wear an old t-shirt or something you don't care about getting oil on.

Photo thanks to James Heilman, MD, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons


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