Sticker: Canaan Goddess with Cannabis

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Sticker: Vinyl Canaan Goddess with Cannabis 4x6
Sticker: Vinyl Canaan Goddess with CannabisMistress of Animals Shown in the Louvre

She's seen holding a cannabis fan in each hand. Evidence suggests that Asherah poles are ancient cannabis planted on either side of altars dedicated to Her.

Based on a cosmetics box lid, a Ugaritic relief on ivory of mother goddess Asherah, 14th century BCE. Mistress of Animals from Ugarit; 1300 - 1400 BC
Shown in the Louvre, Paris.

Size: 64 mm x 75 mm

Learn more! Understanding Asherah—Exploring Semitic Iconography, Ruth Hestrin, BAR 17:05, Sep-Oct 1991.