Workshop: Massage Oil for Cannabis Lovers

02/07/2023 7:00 pm
02/07/2023 9:00 pm
Price: $50.00

Join us at Anarres Apothecary for a two-hour workshop on how to make a Cannabis-Infused Massage Oil! We will explore excellent oils for the skin, craft a signature body oil using organic ingredients, sensual scents, and cannabis.


The workshop will be held in #Bloorcourt or at your location. The price of $60 includes all materials, a copy of the Make Your Own Cannabis Medicine Workbook and a bottle of exquisite cannabis-infused massage oil. The workshop is hosted by Cannabis Educator Amanda Breeze of Emerald Temple Living.

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This two-hour #workshop will teach you how to make a #CannabisInfused #massage oil! We will explore excellent #oils for the #skin and craft a signature #body oil using #organic ingredients, #sensual #scents, and #cannabis!

#Anarres #Apothecary, located at 1076 Bloor Street West
February 7 from 7-9 pm. Register below to save your spot!

$50 for the in-person workshop
The price includes all materials + a copy of the Make Your Own Cannabis Medicine Workbook. This workbook contains step-by-step instructions for crafting with cannabis, including how to make cannabis-infused oil in your home kitchen. Every attendee will also take home a bottle of exquisite cannabis-infused massage oil!

Hosted by Cannabis Educator Amanda Breeze of Emerald Temple Living

Amanda is a certified Cannabis Sommelier, Aroma Educator, and natural beauty formulator. She specialized in Cannabis Topical Formulations and the successful therapeutic applications of terpenes in cannabis medicine and aromatherapy. What makes Emerald Temple formulas successful is an extensive knowledge of the therapeutic action of cannabinoids and terpenes on our bodies.

Amanda has spent years perfecting accurate dosages for topical and edible preparations and created highly successful methods for working with cannabis. In her topical formulations, the medicinal effects of cannabis are amplified with supportive botanical ingredients like medicinal herbs as well as enriching #herbal oils and pure essential oils to strengthen their effects. The intentional and precise combination of these ingredients is the Emerald Temple standard for crafting exquisite wholistic cannabis wellness products.

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