WORKSHOP: Spa Gifts: Make Salts, Scrubs and Face & Body Masks, Group of 6+ ONLY

Price: $10.00
Spa Gifts: Make Salts, Scrubs and Face & Body Masks

ALL AGES: please specify age range in the comments with your order so that we can gear the workshop to your group.

* You'll have exclusive use of our Workshop room. Additional time for parties, decorating can be booked at $20 an hour.
* Self Spa Workshops/Parties are 2 hours, can be adjusted to suit the group if necessary
* Offered at a Sliding Scale. Please pay according to your ability.
* The suggested minimum is $20 per participant. The regular rate for 2-hour workshops is $40-$80. FYI our Materials cost per participant for taking home 3 items is $10.
* Deposit to book is minimum $60 plus HST. The remainder can be paid as a non-taxable honorarium/donation. Deposits are non-refundable but transferable.
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Spa Gifts: Make Salts, Scrubs and Face & Body Masks
Why spend ten times more for stuff made with mystery ingredients and laced with industrial chemicals? You'll learn what each natural wholesome ingredient does according to tradition and contemporary knowledge, and how to combine them to meet individual needs. You'll work with clays, minerals, salts, oils and essential oils and come home with a face mask, a body scrub and a bath salt!

10/28/3753 - 5:14pm - 02/28/1209 - 5:14pm

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