Diffuser: Pendant Terra Cotta for Aromatherapy

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Diffuser: Pendant, Terra Cotta Aroma 4x6
Diffuser: Pendant, Terra Cotta Aroma Idle HourDiffuser: Pendant, Terra Cotta Aroma NatureDiffuser: Pendant, Terra Cotta Aroma AstrologyDiffuser: Pendant, Terra Cotta Aroma ChineseDiffuser: Pendant, Terra Cotta Aroma Flowers & Leaves 1Diffuser: Pendant, Terra Cotta Aroma Flowers & Leaves 2Diffuser: Pendant, Terra Cotta Aroma SymbolsDiffuser: Pendant, Terra Cotta Aroma WordsDiffuser: Pendant, Terra Cotta Aroma Runes 1Diffuser: Pendant, Terra Cotta Aroma Runes 2

Terra Cotta Pendants are aromatherapy diffusers that you wear!
Enjoy the aromatic effect you choose, by diffusing the essential oil into your personal breathing space wherever you go. Pendants are a beautiful, unique way to diffuse essential oils for yourself, for your health and as a personal scent. Just add one drop to your pendant! Read about the studies demonstrating the healthy effects of essential oils here: http://www.anarreshealth.ca/TerraCottaPendantWhy

Terra Cotta Pendants are:
* Kiln-fired terra-cotta clay: rock hard yet light as air!
* Smooth, wearer-friendly edges (you can even tuck it in if you like!)
* Hand-made with waxed cotton cords: just as soft but more durable than leather.
* Made with a sliding-knot cord so they adjust from choker to hidden pendant.
* Local and affordable: made by a family business in Canada, not overseas.

Because of their size and light-weight quality, and Anarres' quantity discounts,
Terra Cotta Pendants can be the subtle diffuser for each room of your home!

Learn more about How to Diffuse essential oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant http://www.anarreshealth.ca/TerraCottaPendantHowTo

Choose your pendant from an assortment of Zodiac signs, leaves, flowers, hearts, Goddess, Kokopelli, Runes and Chinese calligraphy wishes. Click on the photos to see what we have available. Write your choices in the Text Box.


#1 aliceanner : wow. It's very beautiful, I

wow. It's very beautiful, I like it.