Blend: Courage Essential Oil

Price: $15.00
Blend_Courage_Essential_Oil 207kb

100% essential oil blend with emotional and possibly magickal clout!

Emotional Properties: This reviving, fortifying and inspiring essential oil blend supports courage, healthy boundaries and focused determination.

Physical Properties: Physically stimulating and powerfully antiseptic, this blend opens and supports the airways, fights infection, and clears pain products from the body.

  • Scotch pine improves memory and concentration.
  • Thyme cultivates courage!
  • Himalayan cedarwood calms jangled nerves by uniting spirit, mind and body.
  • 10 ml blend in a sealed blue glass bottle.


    #1 traceytf : love my Courage and Frankincense Oils

    I love my Courage and Frankincense Oils. They are so relaxing for the stressfull times we have to endure. thank you so much!

    ~ (C.M., Florida client since 2008)