Blend: Mental Fitness Intuit aka The Dreamscape

Price: $15.00
Blend: Mental Fitness Collection, Intuit, Essential Oil

Learn to reconnect with your true and authentic self.

Originally known as #6 The Dreamscape as I created it for Soul 7.

Aroma: The warm, uplifting woodsy scent of Christmas trees blend with the bright, crisp, sweet, fruity, and herbaceous scent of apple to bring you home to your own hearth.

Fir balsam Abies balsamea stabilizes and uplifts, a beautifully supportive essential oil during times of both physical and emotional transformation.

Cedar leaf Thuja occidentalis brushes past personal ambitions, and the need to control, in order to connect with deeper fulfillment. Sacred white cedar leaf, Arborvitae, Tree of Life, brings divine Grace, helping you to discern what to hold sacred and what to discard.

Chamomile 10% in jojoba Anthemis nobilis L. provides a welcome respite from overthinking and worry, gently guiding us towards acceptance of ourselves and of help from others.

Sold in a 10mL blue glass bottle with white dripulator top.

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