Blend: Mental Fitness Collection, Reboot, Essential Oil

Price: $15.00
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Originally known as #9 aka The Wake-Up Call as I created it for Soul 7.

Aroma: The sweet, sharp, minty-fresh scent of birch dances with the spicy, incense-like character of elemi, with the rose of Sharon, creating a soft, deeply sensual, and balsamic foundation.

Sweet Birch Betula lenta has an invigorating and arousing effect on the mind while calming and uplifting the body and spirit. Birch calls on its pattern of swift communal growth to heal old and deep emotional wounds.

Elemi Canarium commune protects and motivates, gently encouraging positive thinking, especially during anxious or difficult times.

Rose of Sharon Cistus ladanifer quiets and soothes the heart like a warm soft hug in times of emotional shock and dramatic change. Rose of Sharon helps restore you in challenging times.

Sold in a 10mL blue glass bottle with a white dripulator top.

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