Hand Sanitizer: Silver Water-less 30% off

Price: $19.30
Soap: Stainless Steel + Silver Water-less Hand Sanitizer

Perfect for every day around town use, or camping, boating and porta-pottying!

The technology behind the Wise Soap stainless steel puck is based on the natural physical properties of bound silver ions with Shield Guard, which is contained in the stainless steel surface. These non-releasable silver ions are toxic-free and conduct a wide range of anti-bacterial activities.

This soap also removes odours, such as onions and garlic, from your hands. It is most effective when you wash your hands with it right after handling food items. In addition, the wise soap will last for years and it will look nice sitting next to your sink!

Directions: 1) Remove Soap from the case 2) To remove germs from your hand, simply hold and rub the soap for 1 or more minutes. 3) To remove odours, hold and rub the soap under running water.

Effective against:

Escherichia Coil
Staphylococcus Aureus
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Klebsiella Pneumoniae
Salmonella Aertrycke

Dimensions - Diameter: 6.4 cm / 2 ½. Height: 2 cm /¾.

Please remember that due to its antimicrobial properties,
this soap is different from other stainless steel soaps available on the market.

Comes with a carrying case and ring.
Please specify which red, blue, or green in the comments with your order,
or I will make the selection for you.


#1 mlisary46 : SOAP

beautiful concept for a soap. i have used this in my car and its quite portable and user friendly. thank you.