Perfume: Outdoor, Mint Musk

Price: $16.00

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Perfume: Outdoor, Mint Musk

100mL in your choice of blue glass or aluminum spray bottle.

Made with proven natural ingredients, this outdoor perfume is safe for the whole family, and smells good enough to use just for fun! The essential oils perform as well as or better than commercial chemical insect repellents against mosquitoes, ticks & various pesky flies.

Ingredients: witch hazel distillate 15% ethanol Hamamelis virginiana, aloe vera juice Aloe barbadensis, *jojoba oil Simmondsia Chinensis, perfumery alcohol Specially Denatured Alcohol, *vegetable glycerine, essential oils of: cajeput Melaleuca cajeputi, spearmint Mentha spicata, cedarwood Chinese Cupressus funebris
*Organically grown / farmed


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