Dilator: Silicone, Vagiwell Vaginal Set of 3 Largest

Price: $140.00

Size Color Diameter A / B Length C S. 3 Purple 20 / 22 mm, 0.79 / 0.87 inch 150 mm S. 4 Pink 24 / 26 mm, 0.94 / 1.02 inch 163 mm S. 5 Beige 28 / 30 mm, 1.10 / 1.18 inch 177 mm

Feminine hygiene: Vagi Well Dilator Kits sizes
Dilator: Silicone, Vagiwell Vaginal Set of 3 Largest boxDilator: Silicone, Vagiwell Vaginal Set of 3 Largest sizes

Set of 3, Large, the three largest SIZES 3, 4, 5 - $140
SMALL Set of 3, Small, the three smallest - $140 DISCONTINUED IN CANADA

The Vagiwell line of dilators made by MedIntim are for the time being discontinued in Canada by the distributor/importer. I have brought in a new line of medical grade silicone dilators. Thanks for your understanding, Tracey TieF, CNHP #1349.


Size Colour Diameter A/B Length C

Size 3 Purple 20/22 mm (@.83") 150 mm (5.91")

Size 4 Pink 24/26 mm (@.98") 163 mm (6.42")

Size 5 Beige 28/30 mm (@1.14") 177 mm (6.97")

Vagiwell Dilators 1–5

Medical silicone dilators for personal dilation exercises. Starting with the smallest, the dilators are inserted one after the other, depending on personal physical development.


Developed by women, Vagiwell® is for women who want to loosen their vagina themselves by means of stretching exercises. There are many situations that can cause the vagina to be too tight:

After having given birth, scarring following surgical cuts to the perineum (episiotomy) or perineal tears
Long-term radiotherapy or chemotherapy cancer treatment
After vaginal surgery involving tightening of the vagina and scarring
Other personal reasons why the vagina feels too tight
Vaginismus (tightening of the vaginal muscles)
The narrowness of the vagina (virginity) or hitherto unstretched vaginal walls
Lichen sclerosis
Maintenance of the neo vagina following vaginoplasty AFTER INITIAL RECOVERY (Rigid dilators are recommended for post surgical recovery.)
Pain during gynecological examinations involving the use of a speculum
Pain inserting tampons
Pain during sexual intercourse due to too tight a vagina

Vagiwell® Dilators are suitable for being used to help comfortably stretch or relax the muscles of the vagina in all of these situations. In cases of vaginismus, the dilators are used so that vaginal insertions are comfortable.


The aim of the exercises is to desensitize the vagina by slowly stretching it, thereby making sexual intercourse painless (again and gynecological examinations a painless experience. Do the exercises in a place where you feel comfortable and are relaxed.

Prior to using them for the first time, wash the ­Vagiwell® Dilators with hot water and a mild soap, and dry them thoroughly.

Find a relaxed sitting or lying position that allows you to spread your legs slightly. For inserting the dilators, we recommend lying flat on your back with your knees bent and your legs spread slightly apart. You can, however, also use the dilators standing up, with one leg on a chair. Start with the smallest dilator.

Lubricate the entrance to the vagina and the dilator with a water-soluble lubricant.

Breathe calmly. Gently push the dilator into the vagina. You should only insert the dilator as far in as is comfortable for you. Should this be painful, you may be using too much pressure.

Leave the dilator in the vagina or in the entrance to the vagina for a few minutes.

Then move the dilator in and out without removing it completely from the vagina.

When you want to finish the stretching exercise, remove the dilator from the vagina. Remain lying down and relax for a few minutes more.

Once you are able to insert one size comfortably, your vagina has stretched far enough for you to be able to use the next largest dilator. The stretching exercises may be repeated three to four times a week. Once you are able to comfortably insert the largest dilator, you can consider having sexual intercourse.

Cleaning and disinfection

Vagiwell® Dilators are intended for single-patient use. After use, wash the dilator(s) with lukewarm water and a mild soap.

Feminine Hygiene products cannot be returned once the seal on package is broken.


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