Oil: Pomegranate Seed, Social Enterprise from Turkey

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Oil: Pomegranate Seed, Social Enterprise from Turkey

Punica granatum Cold Pressed and unrefined from the seed, from Turkey.

Aroma: Characteristic Omega-5 fatty acid odour profile.

Description: Rich in essential fatty acids, Pomegranate Oil has high emollient properties that make it an effective moisturizer that may help to prevent environmental damage to the skin and prevent skin conditions caused by dry skin. Its antioxidant properties have been reputed to reduce the signs of ageing by protecting the suppleness of the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Colour: Pale yellow to golden yellow liquid.

Common Uses: Moisturizes the skin and revitalizes the complexion. Pomegranate Oil is valued for massages because of its soothing properties. It is known to soften and refresh the texture of the skin. It is used to alleviate chapping, roughness, and itching caused by dry skin. Pomegranate oil nourishes the hair revealing its natural sheen.

Consistency: Typical and Characteristic of Carrier Oils.

Absorption: This oil is absorbed by the skin at an average speed and leaves slightly oily feel on the skin. It is gentle enough for use on the most sensitive skin.