Sandalwood, Red Powder, sold by the gram

Price: $0.24

Pterocarpus santalinus known as #Rakta #Chandana or Red #Sandalwood. Chips from the heartwood in #Gabon.

MEDICINAL USES: Red sandalwood is used for treating #digestive tract problems, #fluid retention, and #coughs; and for “#blood purification.”

MAGICAL USES: Gender: Masculine Planet: Venus, Jupiter Element: Fire, Earth

Magical Purpose: Trancework, Meditation, Kabbalah, Success + Prosperity, Protection, Negativity Remover

CULINARY USES: Red sandalwood is used as a flavouring in foods and beverages.

AYURVEDIC USES: Pterocarpus santalinus is used in #Ayurveda for the treatment of #eye disorders, #sexual disorders, #Pitta disorders such as nasal #bleeding, #menorrhagia etc.

SKINCARE USES: In skincare, red sandalwood is used in scrubs, masks and creams for acne and oily conditions. It also helps in the removal of blemishes, rashes and dullness because of its cooling properties.

Sold by the gram @$0.2430/g. Minimum 10g in store, and 100g by mail order. Please bring or order a bag

MAIL OR PICK UP ORDER (pre-packed)
You must (please) order a minimum of 100g (or $5 worth whichever is less) and buy a biodegradable bag or container.
We reserve the right to change your container to a more appropriate size as needed and to credit or invoice you for any difference in your total order cost.

Don’t confuse red sandalwood Pterocarpus santalinus with white sandalwood Santalum album.

CAUTIONS: Red sandalwood might increase the loss of body water through the urine (diuretic effect). It might also have drying effects that may help reduce diarrhea and break up mucus to make it easier to cough up.


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