Water Purifying: Alkalinizing Mineralizing Reusable Stick 8cm x 2 cm

Price: $8.00
Water Purifying: Alkalinizing Packaged 8x2
Water Purifying: Alkalinizing Packaged usageWater Purifying: Alkalinizing Packaged size

8cm x 2 cm only $8
10 for 10% off = $72
20 for 20% off = $128

Material: stainless steel filled with minerals listed below

Heat-resistance temperature: 70C

Cleaning method: Edible white vinegar

Color: Silver

Size: 8cm*2cm

The easiest way to help combat acidity is to drink alkaline water, and eat more fresh vegetables and some fruit!

Alkaline Water Tubes turn your tap or bottled water into supercharged, high pH, alkaline drinking water. It is said that living in an alkaline state, with a proper pH balance, can potentially lead to the following health benefits:
* Stronger immune system
* Higher energy levels
* Weight loss

The tube is small, portable and durable, so you can use it anywhere: at home, at work, and at the gym. And you can use it often: each tube lasts for 6 months or 750+ litres of water.

A Balanced Body Starts with an Alkaline Water Tube

Our bodies function best when they are in balance: not too acidic nor too alkaline. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of everyday life – food, stress and pollution – can cause us to become acidic. As a result, we may get sick more often and age more rapidly than we should.

How Ionizing Alkalinizing Water Tubes Work

Alkalinity and Acidity are measured by pH, which ranges from 0 (acidic) to 14 (alkaline). Our body’s prime pH level is 7.35 to 7.45. Unfortunately, we live in a toxic world, which can take its toll on our bodies and potentially shift our bodies towards a more-acidic state. As a result, our bodies may not function at their peak level: we may get sick more often, gain weight and experience fatigue.

Alkaline Water Tubes turn regular tap water into a high-pH tonic, with a pH up to 9.5+ in an effort to counter acidity and balance your body’s pH level.

Potential Benefits

One of the potential benefits from living in a more alkaline state is that your body can save the minerals normally used to remove acidity. It is said that this mineral preservation and the efficient removal of free radicals can lead to the following health improvements:

* Weight loss
* Improved immunity
* Lower chance of diabetes
* Preservation of cardiovascular network
* Improved bladder and kidney function
* Improved immunity
* Higher energy/less fatigue
* Joint and muscle wellness/less pain
* Slowing of the aging process
* Improved digestion and elimination
* Stronger bones/reduced chance of osteoperosis

What’s In The Tube?

So, what allows our tubes to create alkaline water? 8 key (and natural) ingredients:

1: Tourmaline

Tourmaline is known as the Electric Stone. When exposed to water, it induces electrolysis and generates negative ions. It also emits negative ions and far infrared rays, which have been proven to promote the growth and healing of living cells.

2: Zeolite

Zeolites are a group of minerals with a negative magnetic charge. These minerals draw in heavy metals and toxins and prevent them from escaping, then carry these toxins out of the body.

3: Maifanshi

Maifanshi not only give the body important minerals and ions, they absorb mercury, cadmium, cyanide, chlorine and bacteria that can be found in drinking water.

4: Far Infrared Stone

This stone packs a punch! It helps your immunity, increases oxygen capacity of the blood, improves stress tolerance and is said to stimulate the production of cell tissue and regeneration of skin and blood tissue!

5: Muyu Jade

This precious stone contains 26 kinds of minerals, many of which can be released when immersed in water, such as: selenium, zinc, iron, cobalt and strontium.

6: Clay

An ancient healing secret, clay helps treat various skin and internal ailments, as well as attract and neutralize poisons in the intestinal tract.

7: Kaolin Earth

This mineral is used in a variety of cosmetic products that are famous for their oil absorbing properties, resulting in improved skin health and appearance.

8: Nano Silver Powder

This has a strong inhibitory effect on dozens of pathogenic microorganisms, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and more. When exposed to water, its anti-bacterial effect is greatly enhanced.

How To Use

Alkaline Water Tubes are easy to use – just follow these basic directions:

First Use:

Let soak in water for 10 minutes, then rinse in flowing water for 30 seconds. You only need to do this the first time you use the tube.

Regular Use:

Fill your water bottle or jug with bottled, tap or filtered water
Place the Water Tube in the water and shake for 15 seconds
The Water Tube can treat up to 1L of water at one time
* For best results, let the water sit for 15 minutes before consumption

* It’s recommended that you drink at least 1.5L of water per day to reap the full pH-balanced benefits.

* The tube can be left in the water while you drink – just keep refilling and shaking!

And that’s it – just drop in the tube, shake and drink!

Remember, our alkaline water tubes are:

Portable & Convenient:
Take them anywhere, use them in your water bottle)

Durable & Economical:
Lasts for 6 months or 200 gallons/750 litres of water!
Simple To Use - Drop, shake and drink!