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Stéfani Cartridge is considered one of the world's most efficient water treatment. Stéfani water filters were the first to receive the certificate INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology).

4 Liters you need 1 Cartridge: filtres 1L/hour
6 Liters you need 1 Cartridge: filtres 1L/hour
8 Litres you need 2 Cartridges: filtres 2L/hour
10 Liters you need 3 Cartridges: filtres 3L/hour
16 Liters you need 4 Cartridges: filtres 4L/hour

Stefani Traditional triple action filters purify treated or untreated water in three stages:
~ Micropore Ceramic outer layer
~ Colloidal Silver inner coating
~ Activated Carbon from coconut fills the interior

How to install a Stefani Water Filter Candle:

The Stefani Triple Action Candle Filter:

~ Removes up to 99.9% of Amoebas and Bacteria
~ Removes up to 99% of Suspended Solids
~ Filters .4 microns

~ Materials- the outer layer is made of ceramic porcelain. The interior of the filter contains granular activated carbon ATC media.

~ Performance factors- the filter removes chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals including lead, aluminum, iron, giardia, cryptosporidium, e-coli and sediment.

~ Flow rate: ¼ gallon / 1 Litre per hour per filter

~ Water sources: tap, well, river, lake, stream can be used. Not for use with salt water.

~ Test results from various local and international water quality laboratories (INMETRO certified) have certified that Stefani water filters consistently remove and reduce the following impurities and contaminants:

99.9% Bacteria
99.9% Amoeba
99.7% Copper
99.6% Lead
98.5% Chlorine
99.4% Iron
99.4% Zinc
97.0% Bromoform
95.0% Dichlorobromomethane
94.5% Aluminum
93.0% Chloroform
93.0% Dibromochloromethane
92.0% Dieldrine
87.0% Lindane
<10% Fluoride, municipally added to treated water

... Resulting in naturally fresh and a 100% healthy water

ABOUT FLUORIDE REDUCTION In Toronto, ON CAN the water coming out of our treatment plants has only 6 PPM Parts Per Million of fluoride. The EPA considers a safe level to be 20PPM. Removing 10% of 6PPM therefore removes fluoride below detectable levels. For example, Adya Clarity reduces fluoride salts to 5PPM.

The <.5 micron size micro-porous ceramic wall filters water drop by drop without the addition of chemicals, reducing impurities and retaining solid particles, ensuring healthy water and free of microorganisms.

Stéfani Cartridges are compatible with all market gravity filters. There is no safer, more affordable way to provide clean water and ensure health and wellbeing.

Triple Action - Dechlorinating and sterilizing, with colloidal silver coating, applied on the inside of the cartridge, with the activated carbon, working to filter and reduce odours, tastes and chlorine, as well as reducing the presence of bacteria in the water. The internal colloidal silver layer penetrates through the pores of the candle, preserving its sterilizing property.

I recommend the Stefani water purification triple action filters for:
~ untreated or inadequately treated water
~ household served by old pipes or with old plumbing
~ well water
~ households with immune suppressed members
~ cosmetic makers who want to replace distilled water with pure filtered water.

The revolutionary Stefani Traditional triple action filter, with colloidal silver and activated charcoal, filters the impurities, eliminating bacterias and microorganisms, reduces odours, flavors and the quantity of chlorine in water.

ALWAYS AVAILABLE - Stefani Replacement Parts:

More resistant.
More flow.
More durability.

The Stefani Clic Taps are manufactured following a universal pattern and are compatible with all filters models, supports and reservoirs on the market. The clean, tamper-proof packaging ensures safety and quality. Practical, easy to install and durable, the Stéfani Clic Taps provide excellent water flow, with a modern design and terra cotta colour to match your filter and environment. All Stéfani gravity filters are equipped with Stefani Stefani Clic Taps, compatible with most filter models, supports (carriers) and reservoirs on the market.


~ Doubles the capacity of the filter.
~ Avoid water overflow.
~ Installs in seconds without tools.

Easy to install; screw the float to the threaded end of the water filter cartridge. Finger tighten; do not use tools! If you have multiple filtres, arrange the attached float valves so that they do not touch each other or the sides of the water purifier.

Water crocks come with all parts and filters needed. Most clients order a set of filters so that they are set for a whole year. Taps and floats do not need replacement unless accidentally broken, or after many years. Please clean them and their washers with plain water and a non metallic scrubber at each filtre change, though!

REPLACEMENT Any part which is found to be defective after we've gone over trouble shooting by phone or email will be replaced at our expense.

RETURNS will only be accepted for unopened saleable items.

Efflorescence and other maintenance issues, breakage once you have taken possession, or from forceful installation will never be a reason for return.

Stefani Terra Cotta Water Purifying Crocks come complete with filters, tap, and float valves.
The filtres need to be replaced every 6 months,
and the tap and floats will only need to be replaced if accidentally broken, or after many years of use

Improve the quality of your drinking water in the kitchen using natural and cost effective solutions! Read how the Stefani Traditional triple action filters work here: http://www.anarreshealth.ca/node/1340

The replaceable Stefani Traditional triple action filters last up to 6 months or 700 litres of water filtered. Conventional water filtering jugs offer replacement filters that last only up to 6 weeks and are often made of hormone disrupting plastic.

The ceramic wall on the replacement filters offer superior filtration of 0.5 microns which is like a fraction of a particle of sand. This removes most impurities from your water not offered by popular solutions.

Chlorine is removed by granular carbons made from coconut shells. Read more here: http://www.anarreshealth.ca/node/1340

Stefani water purification crocks require no electrical power and eliminate the use of plastic water bottles in homes and cottages and thereby reducing environmentally hazardous waste!

Used worldwide for its excellence in design and water purifying qualities in countries like US, England, Australia, South Africa, Peru and others. Respected and used extensively by Non Governmental Aid Organizations as an affordable solution to provide clean water to under-privileged areas of the world.

I am presently the only supplier of Stefani water crocks, filters, and replacements parts: float valves and taps in North America!!! I will always carry filtres and replacement parts because I am committed to my two water crocks for the production of natural cosmetics and for my family, and to my clients who have purchased water crocks from me.

MAINTENANCE: Like all gravity fed water purification systems, you will need to periodically clean your crock and parts inside and out. The filtering candle(s) will need to be replaced every 6 months, and if your water is especially dirty from old plumbing etc, then you will need to lightly scrub the candle under plain running water between changes. I can review installation and each maintenance point with you upon pick up. For more information on the origins of the Stefani crock and its maintenance, please see the Frequently Asked Questions: http://www.anarreshealth.ca/node/1266

FILTRES ARE ALWAYS IN STOCK! Replace filters every 6 months or 700 litres, whichever comes first.

If your water is filtering very slowly before that time, that's good news - your cartridge has trapped a lot of metals and larger particles because your water is hard or dirty. Simply remove the filtre cartridges and scrub with a non metallic scrubber in plain running water. Your cartridge has trapped a lot of metals and larger particles, but your filtred water will be purified!