Yoni Egg: Stone Unakite, Drilled, for Pelvic Exercise

Price: $56.00
Yoni Egg: Stone Unakite, Drilled, for Pelvic Exercise
Yoni Egg: Stone Unakite, Drilled, for Pelvic Exercise 3Yoni Egg: Stone Unakite, Drilled, for Pelvic Exercise all

Yoni Egg
Natural Unakite Stone
for Kegel Exercise
Size:45x30mm, 40x25mm. 30x20mm.

Note.: The eggs are made of natural stone. Each gg is unique in its patterns and colours. The colour may not be exactly as the picture shows, but we promise they are made of the same high-quality stone material.

About Unakite Yoni Eggs

The Unakite Jasper is a type of reformed mineral which is composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and colourless quartz. Its name comes from the Unakas mountains of North Carolina in the United States, where it was first discovered.

Unakite may help you if:

* You are always anxious about the future and the events that will happen afterward.
* You need help to stabilize your place in the present,
* You need a little push to get things going for you

The Unakite can give you a sense of urgency to get things done!

Like many other gemstones, Unakite yoni eggs aid in the healing of an individual who struggles with overcoming emotional trauma from the past. It also supports mental and spiritual well-being by helping you release any pain or anger that is buried deep within your soul, helping you get over any problems that might hinder your personal growth.

For the mothers-to-be, a single Unakite yoni egg can help you establish an even deeper spiritual connection with you and your unborn baby, and help you through a healthy pregnancy.

If you're having trouble in maintaining healthy relationships, whether in the home or in the workplace, Unakite yoni eggs can help by balancing your emotions so that you can better handle your interactions with other people.


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