Blend: Custom 100% Essential Oil

Price: $20.00
rainbow over hills with a river representing a custom essential oil blend

100% essential oil blends for mind body & spirit.

See Tracey or write in the Comments with your order:
~ Scents you like
~ Scents you don't like
~ What your most common negative emotion is
~ What your most common physical problem is
~ What you want the blend to help you with

Refill your bottle with your same Custom blend for a $1 discount!

Photo thanks to Basile Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


#1 trhea : Forgot to mention!

I also forgot to mention Tracey helped heal my lungs again, after two decades of on and off chronic bronchitis and various throat infections/illnesses. I figured since I was a singer since the age of 5 it just came from over-use of my throat and lungs. In the summer I had lost my voice twice, and gone through a round of anti-biotics. It went away, and came back, and I didn't want to throw anti-biotics at it again, especially since my doctor said it was viral (why she wanted to prescribed anti-biotics for a virus... I'll never know...) I asked Tracey what she thought and she insightfully said this was an on-going problem due to deeper damage that needed to be healed from the ground up. So I sniffed her blend constantly, until the bottle ran almost out. I can't remember the last time my lungs and sinuses have felt so good. On top of that, it's Dec 15th: and STILL no cough. I'm over-due!

#2 trhea : World's difference

Tracey made me a custom blend the other month after my apartment building caught on fire and I was couch surfing at different friends places. I went to go visit Tracey just to say hello having been away for so long, and immediately started sharing my anxiety. I work from home, so not having my things to work and live with was really taking it's toll on me. I literally couldn't produce thoughts anymore, my mind was stagnant and my body was exhausted. Tracey's custom blend completely smoothed out my mind and my body. I couldn't believe what a difference it made. I bathed with it, put it on one of Anarres Terra Cotta necklaces, and sometimes put a little on my pillow case at night. I could think again! It truly felt magical.

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