Raindance Cream Face Wash

Price: $19.00
Raindance Cream Face Wash

A gentle cream wash that is very effective in removing dirt, pollution, makeup and emulsifying oils without drying and stripping the natural barrier from the skin. Great for sensitive skin. Contains no added scents.

NEW!!! 250mL HOUSEHOLD Size and 50mL TRAVEL size
SAMPLE SIZE comes in a 5mL glass jar.

All Raindance Products
contain no synthetic

All are VEGAN & not tested on animals!

Made in Canada

Ingredients: filtered water (aqua), rose flower water Rosa damascena, fractionated coconut oil Cocos nucifera, vegetable wax (emulsifying wax NF), grapefruit seed extract (Citrus grandis in vegetable glycerine).

Choose your size:
5ml glass jar
120 mL Glass Bottle
NEW!!! 250ml bottle in a blue glass bottle with pump.

Notice a difference in price from the Raindance Cosmetic online shop? That's because Anarres charges actual postage costs, while Raindance charges a flat rate of $5. Our prices are the same!


#1 traceytf : Susan cleanser

Hi Tracey,
I just have to tell you again, how thrilled I am to have met you and participated in your classes.

I’m one of those people that makes sure you get everything out of the bottle and use it all. And that being the case, I had some store bought cleanser…bought in health food store – enriched with vitamin C, that I still had kicking around. I had being using the cleanser I learnt how to make with you and my skin has been beautiful. So anyhow, I start using this cleanser again, just to use it up…after a few days, I noticed these tiny pimples…so I’m thinking chocolate, time of month?? Nothing seem to fit…stop using it, back to our simple cleanser with clary sage and face is beautiful again. I poured the pimple causing cleanser down the drain…just kept the bottle to reuse with our wonderful stuff when travelling.

Thanks again!!

Susan Eaton, AE Auto Plus Inc. www.aeautoplus.com
We Advise and Educate you about your vehicle.

#2 traceytf : as rated at Raindance Cosmetics

Lynn Rating: 5/5
I use this as an eye make up remover and it's incredible! No smell and doesn't sting my eyes.

Maryann Rating: 5/5
This is absolutely the BEST cleanser I've ever used!!Leaves my face feeling clean & fresh...like a baby's bottom!

NatalieR Rating: 5/5
Smooth, creamy, non-greasy, beautiful! Removes make up without stinging.